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Toronto SPN

Name (or nickname): Vera Location: Toronto Age (optional): 28…

Bringing the Pie since 2007


"Hey, no chick-flick moments" - Dean W.

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red_coat & Eiffel tower
Name (or nickname): Vera

Location: Toronto

Age (optional): 28

Occupation: publishing

When did you discover SPN?: By chance :) I had asked someone to record some episodes of a show for me and she sent the discs to me in cd-envelopes backed by discs of SPN. From that moment I was hooked - to the extent that when I moved here the only reason I wanted Rogers cable was because I had caught SPN on it while staying at the hotel before I moved into my apartment. That's all I needed.

Sam or Dean?: Bi-Bro & I adored John :)

Fav. episode(s): Heart, All Hell Breaks Loose 1 & 2, Nightmare

Least fav. episode(s): Anything with Jo in it. :)
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