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Toronto SPN

Bringing the Winchesters to the T.Dot

Toronto Supernatural Fans
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Welcome to the Toronto Supernatural Fans Community

A place to arrange meets and greets with other local fans, whether it be getting together just to hang out, go have some fun in town, talk about SPN or arrange viewing parties

A place to share our love for the awesomeness that is Supernatural, a place to chat, squee and discuss all spn related topics, including talk about the actors themselves.

If you have any questions, requests, praise, cookies or money (haha) that you would like to throw our way you can do so by contacting one of our lovely mods, there are 4 mantainers so one of us is likely to reply ASAP.

We are Gen and Wincest friendly.

GTA Supernatural Viewers Association

If you would like to affiliate with us, just contact any one of the moderators with your community name and an active link.