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Toronto SPN

Let's get this ball rolling

Bringing the Pie since 2007


"Hey, no chick-flick moments" - Dean W.

Let's get this ball rolling

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Hoodie, Adam
Okay, the offical introduction of Mo! Yes, quite redundant for those that know me, but hey *shrug*

Name (or nickname): Monique aka Mo aka Momiji aka... er, let's stop at that.

Location: Out in the 'burbs of Mississauga

Age (optional): 23 going on 60-something

Occupation: Student in lurking; I am technically head back to school in the fall though my course won't be until nexy summer.

When did you discover SPN?: When I stumbled onto the pilot by mistake and screeched in delight when I saw Jensen Ackles; he's the only reason why I watched Smallville. Guess what happened when they killed off Jason Teague. Yup, you guess it. :P

Sam or Dean?: Both. And Papa too. There. I'll have my cake and the bakery too.

Fav. episode(s): From Season 1: Pilot, Phantom Traveller, Scarecrow and Devil's Trap. From Season 2: In My Time of Dying, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Nightshifter, Tall Tales and What Is and What Should Never Be.

Least fav. episode(s): Bugs. Just... eugh, it's about a bunch of HOMICIDAL BUGS GOING AROUND AND KILLING PEOPLE! Freaks me the hell out just thinking about it. *shudder*

Is there nothing sweeter than the sight of Dean/Sam/John with a pissed off expression and a weapon in hand? Ah, okay, I've done my part. Now I'll attend to the boys and that bakery. ;)
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